Usually, people love to have their own puppy. Your puppy should be a cat, parrot, horse a doggy which you consider your loyal partner. Most of us connected by a strong bond with their puppies and even can’t compromise on their food. But now the trend added more to it. The lovers even manage the luxury dog houses for their dog pets.

In this world, almost everyone greatly likes to care about his dog with security cameras, GPS gadgets and a healthy diet. There are thousands of individuals who rather can’t manage their luxury home but trying to keep their dog pets in luxury dog house. If you’re searching for such an expensive house, let’s check out our list of Luxury dog houses in the world.

10 The Farmhouse – Price: $2,200

luxury dog houses 2 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

An affordable option indeed. Your puppy surely loves to have The Farmhouse and you’ll also have to pay not very much cash chunks. This dog house comes with the roof to save your pet from the rain. The roof is specially made from shatterproof glass which offers great comfort.

9 The Dream Come True – Price: $2,600

luxury dog houses 1 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Damn beautiful. The Dream Come True is the perfect gift for your sweet pussy cat. This particularly stunning dog house is painted with beautiful color. It’s one of the luxury dog houses in the world which is designed by fairytale castle. The Dream Come True has a yellow-colored crown above its entrance.

8 Modern Dog Home – Price: $3,000

luxury dog houses 8 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Modern Dog Home is another dog house happens to be one of the luxury dog houses in the world. This dog house is specially designed by a well-known company “Out of the Crate”. The design of the dog house is quite famous for having a modern edge. This futuristic design is made from the fine quality material. The house is featuring the glass windows and white and red combinational walls and door.

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7 The Palace – Price: $3,400

luxury dog houses 4 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Not only humans but the pet owners also love to pay many cash bunches to feel their puppy the essence of royalty. As the dog house comes with the palace kind of dog house. The dog palace equipped with the royal bed and the table which have great fabric embroidery. These luxurious and the royal house allows the dog to do snuggle with comfort.

6 Swiss Chalet Dog Home – Price: $5,300

luxury dog houses 9 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Next, up on our list of luxury dog houses feature the Swiss Chalet Dog Home. Just like its name, the Swiss Chalet Dog Home make your dog feel that he is in Swiss Alps. Although, the Swiss Chalet Dog Home has a hefty price tag of $5,300 if you have the gorgeous looking doggy, all the shutters, balconies, planter boxes, and shingles give a great touch of royalty.

5 The Colonial – Price: $6,100

luxury dog houses 10 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Here we have the Colonial, the luxurious dog house. It’s another dog house which is making headlines for its modern expensive look like the house. The La Petite Maison has designed the owner’s house and then make a mini-copy of it for his pet. The dog house specially designed to have the facilities of water, light and climate control.

4 Home Replica – Price: $25,000

luxury dog houses 7 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Home Replica has been ranked at 4th position on our list of the luxury dog house. Let’s dig out a few good details. The designer has put his great effort while manufacturing the Home Replica. Actually, the name is due to the replication of the owner’s house in a small version. He greatly draws blueprints and set up a great replica of the owner’s house.

3 California Hills Dog Mansion – Price: $30,000

luxury dog houses 6 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

What comes to mind while remembering about California Hills. If Hollywood, you’re running at the same rail. Although, the California Hill Dog Mansion named as California hills, the design is like the highest-paid celebrities castle build in Hollywood Hills. The owner of the lucky pet has gifted a beautiful house like celebrities house.

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2 The Mansion – Price: $325,000

luxury dog houses 3 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

What if you have a dog family? And what if you have one of the luxurious dog house? The Paris Hilton has put tens of thousands to get The Mansion for her a family of 6 dogs. The house is about 300 square foot and greatly matched with Paris’s own luxurious home. Not only that, the dog is having two stories.

1 Andy Ramus Designed Dog House – Price: $417,000

luxury dog houses 5 - Top 10 Luxury Dog Houses in the World

Some say the craziness, some say the love. Whatever words you choose to define this insanely expensive dog house. The Andy Ramus Designed Dog house is the most luxury dog house in the world.  The featuring-rich dog house designed to have temperature controller beds, plasma TV, filtered water, dry fruits, sound system and the dog camera with the retina scanner. It’s a completely luxurious dog house with have such amazing amenities.