The Gathering Card renowned as Magic Card that idea was first introduced by Richard Garfield. You may have not daily interaction with these magic cards but there’s no doubt you pleased to see the magic tricks on various magical events. If we look back, the magic card is one of the most fantasy game in the past. This is the first-ever magic and trading card game is on the way to thrive that was first published by Wizard of the Coast in 1993. Millions of the players worldwide are following the Magic trading card game. However, they are also staring at the most expensive magic card to make the best deck.

List of Most Expensive Magic Cards in the World

Many professional magicians strive these for their official shows. Among these expensive cards, there are some crazy expensive cards that are enlisted in the most expensive magic: the gathering cards in the world list. Here are the 10 most expensive magic cards and their details.

Most Expensive Magic Cards in the World
1Black Lotus$37,302
2Time Walk$3,450
3Tropical Island$2,692
4Mox Sapphire$2,499
5Time Vault$924
6Ancestral Recall$920
7Mox Pearl$911
8Mox Emerald$899.95
9Mox Jet$805

1. Timetwister

most expensive magic card 3 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

We’re starting off our list of most expensive magic: the gathering cards in the world with Timetwister. Just like the twister in the name, the card’s effect can make an unbelievable twist that may turn the game. Timetwister is the most valuable and dynamically useful magic trading card as well as it’s counted as one of the most complex Powers Nine cards. Because of its unbeatable advantages, the Timetwister handed over only to those who well aware of how to deploy it. It allows the player to shuffle their library, graveyard, and hand together, it also allows to draw a new hand as well.

2. Mox Jet

most expensive magic card 5 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

Next up in our most expensive magic: the gathering cards list in Mox Jet. Mox Jet is a quite valuable addition to your black deck because of its strong interruption powers. No doubt, the card has a hefty price tag of $805 due to its effect but still, the Mox Jet is comparatively less expensive when we look at its effect.

3. Mox Emerald

most expensive magic card 4 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

The sucker of Mox Emerald has been going crazy to get this one of the most expensive magic cards over the last few years due to its rarity. Mox Emerald card featuring a green mana and when the player drops this green mana to his mana pool, it launches the great interruption power for opponents that resist them to attack it.

4. Mox Pearl

most expensive magic card 6 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

The next entry of the Mox series in this most expensive magic card list is Mox Pearl. Just like its two predecessor entities, Mox Pearl is featuring a white pearl in hand as in Mox Emerald and Mox Jet there were green and black stones. This 7th most expensive magic card has the pearl mana that will laun

most expensive magic card 1 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

ch its effect just after you push it to your mana pool.

5. Ancestral Recall

What a valuable card this is! The Ancestral Recall is the card that is the top desire of lots of players who loves to run miles to fit this blue card perfectly in their deck. The highly valuable blue card gives the player two interesting options that have increased its rarity.  The Ancestral Recall allows the players to draw three cards or force the opposing player to draw 3 cards. This power can ruin the opponent’s deck in last time but the expensive and rarity factor make this card’s shopping steadier.

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6. Time Vault

most expensive magic card 8 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

The interestingly cool effect decide this card name as Time Vault. If you’re good at playing the magic card but unfortunately your position down in the game. However, this is a hard time for you and you’re going to lose then wait for a while to check whether you’re holding Time Vault? If yes, you won! This is because the Time Vault essentially controls your flow of turns. By tapping on it, you get an additional turn after the current one where needed. As Time Vault has been holding the powerful feature, it’s not going to un-tap easily. You have to skip one turn to un-tap this card. Thus, this way the 5th most expensive magic card decide your game in your side.

7. Mox Sapphire

most expensive magic card 7 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

Mox Sapphire, the blue version of Mox Cards comes 4th in our list of the most expensive magic card. It’s the rarest version of Mox that highly give rise to its price. The 12-years old magic card is the first-ever card won the tournament in Magic: The Gathering.

8. Tropical Island

most expensive magic card 10 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

Yes, yes! Tropical Island actually exists in Germany. Here is the Magic: The Gathering Card of Tropical Island that has completely mixed the green and blue deck. Our list warmly welcomes the Tropical Island magic card to hold the 3rd rank due to its rarity and the high cost. The worth of this card is due to its power pack effect. The method to launch this card is same as Mox series card but the difference here, you choose the option of G and U that has to add to your mana pool.

9. Time Walk

most expensive magic card 9 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

Time Walk is the fastest card ever be banned in Magic: The Gathering Card tournament because of its insane effect. This Time Walk magic card is regarded as the 2nd most expensive magic card in the world that is incredibly worthy. Will you want to get another turn? You’ll use this one too thoroughly crush the opponents’ deck. But actually, they’re fewer ones who have this card.

10. Black Lotus

most expensive magic card 2 - Most Expensive Magic Card you Must have to Win the Game

Arguably, it’s believed to be the most expensive, rare and fully packed with unbeatable powers. The topped entry of our most expensive magic card list has found its origin in alpha and beta sets of the game. Black Lotus magic card featuring the picture of the black lotus flower that was printed between 1993 and 1994 over a floral background.


Magic Cards is a trading card game that has been played by over more than 20 million peoples. To achieve the extreme level, millions of players are going crazy to add the rarest and the powerful magic cards in their deck. Commonly, the magic card’s deck consist of at least 60 cards but if you grab the powerful one, the game is on your side. The passion for getting the deluxe version of the magic card urges the player to spend their deep pockets completely.