A keyboard is an essential part of the PC or a laptop, even a laptop without a keyboard is like a car without fuel. Thus, moving toward the most expensive keyboard, we can’t merely stick to a single keyboard. All of the keyboards possess the same features but it is the design which varies. The keyboards that are often ignored are designed elegantly for making them user-friendly. So, here is the Top List of some of the keyboards that are most expensive keyboards, due to the price and as well as the layout.

Most Expensive Keyboard in the World

Most Expensive Keyboard in the World
1Happy Hacking Keyboard$4,400
2Optimus Popularis$2,554
3Datacenters Custom Keyboards$1,500
4Professional II Datahand Keyboard$675
5Comfort Keyboard$360
6Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard$360

1. Kirameki Pure Gold Keyboard

most expensive keyboard 5 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

As the name shows, the keyboard is gold plated. The gold increases the worth of anything 100 times, same with the keyboard, that it is on the list of most expensive keyboards now. It originally comes from Japan’s Wazakura Studios. The keyboard reflects the great craftsmanship due to the elegant design and the glittery effects. The 86 functional buttons only come in Japanese, it may be a drawback, but though we can’t neglect the other specs. The other benefits include two USB ports, to connect to the device. It has and modifiable base, and a connector cable that comes with left, right and center options.

2. Comfort Keyboard

most expensive keyboard 1 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

Comfort Keyboard is really comfortable for the user. The keyboard has the property to detach into three sections or parts. It allows the user to adjust the keypad according to the need and try the way which is easy to use for them. The keyboard is really useful for left-handers, they can adjust the numeric keys on the left side. The keyboard has an indicator that detects the usage time of the keyboard and suggests you a break if you are using the computer for a long time. It usually comes in black color and eco-friendly plastic which is unbreakable.

3. Professional II Datahand

most expensive keyboard 8 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

The Datahand keyboard is not easy to tackle with, only the professionals and experts can work with this keyboard. The people who love to take the things in their own way are hundred and one percent eligible for this keyboard. The keyboard is entirely different from the normal keyboard, it does not have keys like the other keyboards. The keyboard can be used in five different ways, the user can select the way that suits best to him. Like other keyboards, the user doesn’t have to swipe his finger across the whole keypad, instead, he has to move his finger or thumb slightly for typing. This unique feature makes it the most expensive keyboards in the world.

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4. Datacenters Custom Keyboards

most expensive keyboard 3 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

Datacenters Custom keyboard is a fusion of past and present keyboard designs. The keys are lightened with LED and round in shape that fits best to your fingers. The keyboard has chrome keys, i.e., the keys on which a typewriter works. The keyboard is pure “brass” and the color combination makes it more graceful. The professional user will love to buy this keyboard.

5. Optimus Popularis

most expensive keyboard 7 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

With each key having a specific and special function Optimus Popularis is one of the most expensive keyboards of the world. Art. Lebedev Studio developed the keyboard, having a Russian design. The keys of keyboards other than typing perform a specific function. The user doesn’t need to go to social media login page via the search engine instead he can access the page via the keys directly. The languages and symbols on the keys include Ancient Greek, Arabian, Georgian, Cyrillic, codes, math’s functions, musical notes, emojis, and so on. In short, using this keyboard has a lot of fun for the user.

6. Happy Hacking Keyboard

most expensive keyboard 6 - Most Expensive Keyboard -- A Professional's Dream

Hack Hacking keyboard is a special product of Japan and the most expensive keyboard of all ages. The keyboard is highly considerable due to the slim and smart design, having only 60 keys. The keyboard is dusted with 24 karat gold and this makes it the most expensive one. Also, the Cedarwood that surrounds the keyboard is the most expensive wood in the world. There is no alphabet or numeral even no symbol is printed on the keyboard, it means that it is truly made for professionals.


All the keyboards are one after the other most precious and most expensive keyboard. These are user-friendly, and the person who uses any of these once, can’t use the ordinary keyboard again. The price may fluctuate time by time it is not fixed as discussed below. Also, we know that technology is revolutionizing day by day, thus after the few years, the list may seem to be outdated, but don’t forget to share the best keyboard in your opinion with us.