Just like humans, dogs also need entertainment when they get bored or lonely. So, they do different things like tearing inappropriate things like shoes, cushions, sofas, garbage, walls and even clothing. Therefore, you must like about your dog when you leave your dog alone in the house, so, he remained busy to play with him. They need jobs and you can provide the best dog interactive toys.

All these dogs need activities that will challenge them mentally, they exercise to get their heart pumping. So, without anything to do, they often become destructive. It is seen that they become obese without any type of exercise. There is some solution to all these problems, one of the best is to remain them busy all the time.

With these, they don’t feel even bored when you leave them alone in the house. Different personalities and breeds may dictate the most successful games and toys. So, some of these are very safe for activities at home because most of the toys require supervision while you lovely friend in using them.


As dogs always need proper exercise daily. So it is very hard for some people to get up early in the morning to take them to the park. So, if you can’t pull yourself out of the bed early in the morning, then, best dog interactive toys are the best solution. As you dog need a little spark to ignite the playtime because after all, they can be tired of basic toys very easily.

So, having a beautiful and cute plush toy is a great choice, but it is not a fin when you don’t have to play with you. Interactive toys will able your dog to play even he is alone or bored without the help of any person. All these toys are multi-functional, these are ideal when your dog is left home for the extended period of time.

Interactive Dog Toys for Dogs of All Ages

As we already know that the domestication of the pet dog has taken a wide place over a period of millions of years. With this excellent journey, evolution has favored more outgoing, sociable, friendly, intelligent and smart dogs.

Adult dogs, puppies, and senior dogs, all can get benefit from the wide variety of best dog interactive toys of today. According to a recent study, it is seen how entertainment can provide the extent in the life of senior dogs. So, interactive toys very help to brings activeness in the lives of your pets. Therefore, these are becoming more and more necessary for dogs of every age.

It also increases the mind and intelligence and mind level of small pets while increasing the life period of senior dogs. In short, these are helpful for dogs of all age.

So, here are going to explain you the list of best dog interactive toys.

8 Mad Scientist Puzzle

Mad Scientist Puzzle 275x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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This is one of the best puzzle and interactive toys for the entertainment of your dog. The nerdy game asks your dogs to flip over the three beakers to release tasty treats. So, channel the curiosity and energy of your dog with this luxurious toy. They have designed this for intermediate canine gamers. Dogs have simply place treats inside any of three beakers cover lids with holes. The company has included two sets of lids with different patterns of holes. Despite, also comes with the instructional booklet for you to understand the tricks to train your dog.

Key Features
  • The puzzle as well as interactive
  • Comes with instructional booklet
  • One year warranty
  • Includes two sets of lids in different patterns of holes

7 Dog Twister

Dog Twister 1 300x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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We all have played with the human twister but what about the dog twister? These are just smarter than you think. You just have to teach them once. They can leave the handle in the unlocked position and offset the paw panels so your dog is able to smell as well as access it. It is a little bit challenging for your dog. It will fight boredom, also help to overcome the destructive behavior of your dog. Dog Twister is also best to exercise the mind of your dog, your dog will love to play this game. Therefore, considered as one of the best dog interactive toys.

Key Features
  • Reduce destructive behavior
  • Challenging for the dogs
  • Keep them busy
  • Fight boredom

6 Dog Activity Flip Board

Dog Activity Flip Board 2 300x172 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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Another one of the best dog interactive toys. They have designed especially for the small dog, legitimately difficult for your dogs. You just have to place favorite treats of your dog in all compartments. With every correct turn, the reward will be revealed for the enjoyment of your pet. Due to the unique design of the toy, the cones will not knock over. The difficulty of the game will increase with every true placement. Moreover, non-slip rubber rim will keep the game and all its toys in place.

Key Features
  • Comes with the instructional booklet
  • The reward after the true placement
  • Non-slip rubber rim keeps the game in place
  • Comes with one year warranty

5 Tricky Treat Ball

Tricky Treat Ball 300x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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This is the challenging ball which is able to entertain your dog for many hours. Treat ball is available in three different sizes for all dogs. It is a familiar ball shape with tricks to fins treats inserted in it. No training and tricks need, you just have to insert treats in it and watch as your dog pushed this around the house. He will try his best and 100% focus to get out the snacks. This will keep him physically fit and strong. So, it is not in best dog interactive toys but also most popular treat-dispensing toys of all the time.

Key Features
  • Available in different sizes
  • Keep busy your dog for hours
  • Increase focus and entertainment level
  • Durable ball

4 IQ Treat Ball

IQ Treat Ball 300x233 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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This is also just like the Tricky Treat Ball. As the IQ treat ball keeps your lovely pet physically active, happy, mentally stimulated and healthy as well. The awesome toy is able to reduce the boredom and also the bad destructive behavior of your dog through exercise and healthy play. It also maintains the physical fitness and alertness of your dog. So, you just have to fill the ball with the favorite treats of your dog and adjust the level of difficulty. Now, just watch the fun and interactive feeding experience with best dog interactive toys.

Key Features
  • Easy to understand
  • Adjustable level of difficulty
  • Reduce boredom and destructive behavior
  • Increase alertness of your dog

3 Hide and Slide Puzzle

Hide and Slide Puzzle 300x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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It is another level of fun for your lovely friends. This will able your dog to spend too much time with the interactive toy, so he will soon outsmart you. It is a sort of challenge that your dog needs. They have made this game to reduce destructive and unsuited behavior of your dog. It is also able to increase the mentality and intelligence level of your dog. Your pet will love to play this game because the game keeps your dog curious. Therefore, it is one of the best dog interactive toys.

Key Features
  • Easy to play and understand
  • Best Swedish Puzzle Toy
  • No removable parts
  • Great for short-nosed dogs

2 Kong Classic

Kong Classic 300x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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The toy, Kong Classic, is the gold standard of dog. Now, the toy is becoming a staple for dogs around the world. They are offering enrichment by helping to satisfy the instinctual needs of your dog. Made of ultra-durable material and fulfill the needs of play of your dogs. Do you want to extend playtime? So, be sure to stuff with tempting bits of kibble and entice with a dash of peanut butter. Add to the fun by adding KONG Snacks and topping with KONG Easy Treat. It is one of the best dog interactive toys.

Key Features
  • Made of durable material
  • Satisfy the instinctual needs
  • Keep busy your dog
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • The best formula for average chewers

1 Hide-A-Squirrel

Hide A Squirrel 300x300 - Complete Guide for Best Dog Interactive Toys

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Move on to the next level of hiding and seek. This is the new game in the town, called as the hide and squeak. One of the best dog interactive toys, are made for fun for you as well as your dog. It is simple and comes with adorable little squeaky squirrels into the oh-so-soft tree trunk, and watch your dog pull them out one by one. So, the toy is just super fun for your dog but it is heavier than that of normal chasing of a squirrel. But, it is able to entertain your dog and keep busy when he is alone in the house.

Key Features
  • More than hide and seek
  • Easy to understand and play
  • Bye-bye bored dogs
  • 2 in 1 play
  • Perfect toy for the fun

Final Thoughts

All these toys have multiple benefits for your dog. So, by giving your dog an interactive toy, you know that you have provided him enough time to stay them alone at home. It is also easy for you set this toy because most of the toys come with the instructional booklet as well. So if you have provided your dog enough entertainment, then, you can also take them for a walk when you are free.

Here we have all from the list of best dog interactive toys. We hope that you will like this article. If you like this, then, share with your friends and comment below in the comment box.

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